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How to enable C++17 in UE4 and Visual Studio 2017
Tested with UE 4.21
1. Open your UE4 engine folder [Program files or something else you like]\Epic Games\UE_4.21\Engine\Source\Programs\UnrealBuildTool
2. Open file Epic Games\UE_4.21\Engine\Source\Programs\UnrealBuildTool\Platform\Windows\VCToolChain.cs
3. Find method void AppendCLArguments_CPP(CppCompileEnvironment CompileEnvironment, List<string> Arguments)
4. Add Arguments.Add("/std:c++17"); to begin of method
5. Open Epic Games\UE_4.21\Engine\Source\Programs\UnrealBuildTool\UnrealBuildTool.csproj in MSVS 2017
6. Rebuild UnrealBuildTool
7. Open your project and rebuild it
8. Enjoy c++17 features
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