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Last active Jul 16, 2019
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Benchmark of GaussianProcessClassifier for
import time
import numpy as np
from sklearn.datasets import load_iris
from sklearn.gaussian_process import GaussianProcessClassifier
from sklearn.gaussian_process.kernels import RBF
def main():
# based on example of
X, y = load_iris(return_X_y=True)
kernel = 1.0 * RBF(1.0)
clf = GaussianProcessClassifier(kernel=kernel, random_state=0)
times = []
for i in range(10):
start = time.time(), y)
elapsed = time.time() - start
print(f"elapsed: {elapsed:.3f}s")
print("score", clf.score(X, y))
print("mean/std", np.array(times).mean(), np.array(times).std())
proba = clf.predict_proba(X[:2, :])"proba", proba)
orig_proba = np.load("proba.npy")
np.testing.assert_allclose(orig_proba, proba)
if __name__ == '__main__':
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c-bata commented Jul 16, 2019


$ python examples/ 
elapsed: 0.793s
elapsed: 0.702s
elapsed: 0.809s
elapsed: 0.727s
elapsed: 0.798s
elapsed: 0.750s
elapsed: 1.620s
elapsed: 0.979s
elapsed: 0.768s
elapsed: 0.764s
score 0.9866666666666667
mean/std 0.8710338830947876 0.2594975969201766


$ python examples/ 
elapsed: 0.589s
elapsed: 0.653s
elapsed: 0.652s
elapsed: 0.647s
elapsed: 0.673s
elapsed: 0.680s
elapsed: 0.690s
elapsed: 0.637s
elapsed: 0.651s
elapsed: 0.646s
score 0.9866666666666667
mean/std 0.6519202470779419 0.0264506890882865

almost 25.2% faster in this benchmark

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