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pandoc filter to create a div class which removes indentation (also requires unprovided CSS for HTML output to work)
from pandocfilters import toJSONFilter, RawInline, Para, Space, walk
def latex(s):
return RawInline('latex', s)
def html(s):
return RawInline('html', s)
def deindentParas(key, value, format, meta):
# If we're here, then we are a child node of
# a noindent 'div.'
if key == 'Para':
if format == 'latex':
return Para([latex('\\noindent')]+ [Space()] + value)
if format == 'html':
return Para([html('<span class="noindent">')] + value + [html('</span>')])
def noindent(key, value, format, meta):
# Look at each div.
if key == 'Div':
[[ident, classes, kvs], contents] = value
# If the Div is of the noindent class, we run deindentParas
# on all of its children.
if 'noindent' in classes:
return walk(contents, deindentParas, format, meta)
if __name__ == "__main__":
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