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Process States in LaTeX with tikz
\begin{tikzpicture}[->,>=stealth',shorten >=1pt,auto,node distance=5cm,
thick,main node/.style={circle,fill=blue!20,draw,
font=\sffamily\Large\bfseries,minimum size=15mm}]
\node[main node] (B) {B}; %Bereit
\node[main node] [above left of=B](L) {L}; %Laufend
\node[main node] [above right of=B](I) {I}; %Inaktiv
\node[main node] [below left of=L](W) {W}; %Wartend
\path[every node/.style={font=\sffamily\small,inner sep=1pt}]
(I) edge [bend left=30] node {Prozess starten} (B)
(B) edge [bend left=10] node {hightes Prio} (L)
(L) edge [bend left=10] node {Prozess stoppen} (I)
edge [bend right=20] node[left] {Warten auf Ereignis} (W)
edge [bend left=10] node {nicht mehr hoechste prio} (B)
(W) edge [bend right=30] node[below=2mm] {Warteereignis eingetreten} (B)
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