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Last active Mar 29, 2018

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Resizer for 9patch images based on im utils
# resizer for android 9patch icons
# getting center part
convert -shave 1 $1 core.png
# getting sides
convert -gravity West -crop 1x+0+0 $1 l.png
convert -gravity East -crop 1x+0+0 $1 r.png
convert -gravity South -crop x1+0+0 $1 b.png
convert -gravity North -crop x1+0+0 $1 t.png
convert core.png -resize $2 -bordercolor transparent -border 1 core.png
w=`identify -format '%w' core.png`
h=`identify -format '%h' core.png`
composite -gravity East \( r.png -filter Point -resize 1x${h}! \) core.png core.png
composite -gravity West \( l.png -filter Point -resize 1x${h}! \) core.png core.png
composite -gravity South \( b.png -filter Point -resize ${w}x1! \) core.png core.png
composite -gravity North \( t.png -filter Point -resize ${w}x1! \) core.png out.png
rm l.png r.png b.png t.png core.png
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