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PowerShell script to remove files generated by Visual Studio, ReSharper, etc...
Write-Host "Cleaning up..."
$foldersToRemove =
$filesToRemove =
#Remove Folders
Get-ChildItem .\ -include $foldersToRemove -force -recurse |
where { $_.PsIsContainer } |
foreach ($_) {
Write-Host " Removing folder ./$($_.Name)"
Write-Host " Removing folder ./$($_.Name)"
Remove-Item $_.FullName -force -recurse
#Remove Files
Get-ChildItem .\ -include $filesToRemove -force -recurse |
foreach ($_) {
Write-Host " Removing file ./$($_.Name)"
Remove-Item $_.FullName -force -recurse
Write-Host "Done. Press any key to close..."
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