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Similar keyboard shortcuts between Eclipse and IntelliJ.
Eclipse IntelliJ
Ctrl+D Ctrl+Y
Ctrl+2 L Ctrl+Alt+V
Ctrl+2 F Ctrl+Alt+F
Ctrl+Shitf+Enter Ctrl+Enter
Ctrl+Shift+O Ctrl+Alt+O
'syso' Ctrl+Space Enter 'sout' Enter
Ctrl+Shift+F Ctrl+Alt+L
Ctrl+F11 Shift+F10
Alt+Shift+X J Ctrl+Shift+F10
F11 Shift+F9
Alt+Shift+A Ctrl Ctrl+Up
Alt+Shift+R Shift+F6
Ctrl+2 R Shift+F6
Ctrl+Shift+R Ctrl+Shift+N
Ctrl+Shift+T Ctrl+Shift+N
Ctrl+L Ctrl+G
Ctrl+, Shift+F2
Ctrl+. F2
Ctrl+1 Alt+Enter
Ctrl+N Ctrl+Alt+Insert
Ctrl+N Alt+1 Alt+Insert
Ctrl+W Ctrl+F4
Ctrl+Shift+W Ctrl+F4
Ctrl+Shift+C Ctrl+/
Ctrl+O Ctrl+F12
F3 Ctrl+Alt+B
Ctrl+T Ctrl+H
Ctrl+Shift+G Ctrl+Alt+F7
Alt+PageDown Alt+→
Alt+PageUp Alt+←
Alt+↓ Alt+Shift+↓
Alt+↑ Alt+Shift+↑
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