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Good colors:

Blues: BBC3C6 Blue Gray 262F34 midnight blue C4DFE6 penguin blue 4CB5F5 Cerulean 2988BC Teal Grecian Blue 2F496E dark 217CA3 Teal Cerulean 008DCB Pop Blue B2DBD5 Mint 00CFFA Cyan Pop 006C84 Pastel dark 6EB5C0 pastel 3A5199 Indigo Cobalt 31A2AC Turquoise 444C5C purple gray 5CC5EF Sky Blue 337BAE Soft Blue 061283 Artificial Blue

Green: FEFEFA FFFAFA FFFFF- F8F8FF F7F7F7: a nice off white turquoise green: 4AE3B5

Red/Orange ED8C72 Salmon D70026 Red E1315B Bright Red with Pink FF8D3F Orange CE5A57 red brick A01D26 Maroon FD3C3C Pop Red FE0000 Sharp Red

Yellow Golds: F9BA32 Mustard FFEC5C Yellow EFB509 Gold FFCE38 light Gold FAAE3D Yellorange FFB74C tangerine

Grays: E2E8E4 light light green DDDEDE light gray B7B8B6 shade gray

2F3131 Slate 304040 Blue Tint Dark Gray 8593AE Periwinkle 5A4E4D Brown Gray 20232A midnight BBC3C6 Gray 727077 gray with purple shade FBE9E7 rose B4B4B4 basic gray #e3e9ef light gray #3e4042 dark grey

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