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Team Marble Role
Mellow Yellow Yellow Captain
Mellow Yellow Yelley Member
Mellow Yellow Yellah Member
Mellow Yellow Yellup Member
Mellow Yellow Yellim Reserve
Savage Speeders Speedy Captain
Savage Speeders Rapidly Member
Savage Speeders Swifty Member
Savage Speeders Velocity Member
Savage Speeders Whizzy Reserve
O'rangers Kinnowin Captain
O'rangers Clementin Member
O'rangers Mandarin Member
O'rangers Tangerin Member
O'rangers Orangin Reserve
Jungle Jumpers Jump Captain
Jungle Jumpers Hop Member
Jungle Jumpers Leap Member
Jungle Jumpers Skip Member
Jungle Jumpers Bounce Reserve
Balls of Chaos Anarchy Captain
Balls of Chaos Tumult Member
Balls of Chaos Clutter Member
Balls of Chaos Snarl Member
Balls of Chaos Disarray Reserve
Midnight Wisps Wispy Captain
Midnight Wisps Wespy Member
Midnight Wisps Wospy Member
Midnight Wisps Wuspy Member
Midnight Wisps Waspy Reserve
Crazy Cat's Eyes Red Eye Captain
Crazy Cat's Eyes Blue Eye Member
Crazy Cat's Eyes Yellow Eye Member
Crazy Cat's Eyes Green Eye Member
Crazy Cat's Eyes Cyan Eye Reserve
Chocolatiers Choc Captain
Chocolatiers Cocoa Member
Chocolatiers Mocha Member
Chocolatiers Bonbon Member
Chocolatiers Fudge Reserve
Thunderbolts Thunder Captain
Thunderbolts Lightning Member
Thunderbolts Bolt Member
Thunderbolts Shock Member
Thunderbolts Zap Reserve
Indigo Stars Indie Captain
Indigo Stars Gogo Member
Indigo Stars Diego Member
Indigo Stars Bingo Member
Indigo Stars Montoya Reserve
Pinkies Pinky Rosa Captain
Pinkies Pinky Winky Member
Pinkies Pinkydink Member
Pinkies Pinky Toe Member
Pinkies Pinky Panther Reserve
Oceanics Ocean Captain
Oceanics Aqua Member
Oceanics Sea Member
Oceanics Shore Member
Oceanics Bay Reserve
Snowballs Snowflake Captain
Snowballs Snow Member
Snowballs Snowy Member
Snowballs Snowstorm Member
Snowballs Snowblast Reserve
Hornets Stinger Captain
Hornets Wasp Member
Hornets Vespa Member
Hornets Hive Member
Hornets Yellowjacket Reserve
Rojo Rollers Rojo Uno Captain
Rojo Rollers Rojo Dos Member
Rojo Rollers Rojo Tres Member
Rojo Rollers Rojo Cuatro Member
Rojo Rollers Rojo Cinco Reserve
Team Primary Mary Captain
Team Primary Prim Member
Team Primary Rima Member
Team Primary Imar Member
Team Primary Aryp Reserve
Jawbreakers Candy Captain
Jawbreakers Taffy Member
Jawbreakers Sugar Member
Jawbreakers Sweet Member
Jawbreakers Tidbit Reserve
Team Momo Momomomo Captain
Team Momo Mo Member
Team Momo Momo Member
Team Momo Momomo Member
Team Momo Mimo Reserve
Bumblebees Brumble Captain
Bumblebees Bramble Member
Bumblebees Brimble Member
Bumblebees Bromble Member
Bumblebees Bremble Reserve
Minty Maniacs Minty Flav Captain
Minty Maniacs Minty Drizzel Member
Minty Maniacs Minty Fresh Member
Minty Maniacs Minty Swirl Member
Minty Maniacs Minty Mint Reserve
Raspberry Racers Razzy Captain
Raspberry Racers Rezzy Member
Raspberry Racers Rizzy Member
Raspberry Racers Rozzy Member
Raspberry Racers Ruzzy Reserve
Green Ducks Mallard Captain
Green Ducks Billy Member
Green Ducks Quacky Member
Green Ducks Ducky Member
Green Ducks Goose Reserve
Hazers Hazy Captain
Hazers Smoggy Member
Hazers Foggy Member
Hazers Misty Member
Hazers Cloudy Reserve
Team Galactic Cosmo Captain
Team Galactic Starry Member
Team Galactic Astron Member
Team Galactic Pulsar Member
Team Galactic Quasar Reserve
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