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example usage of paper_trail
# Parent class
class bookshelf
has_many :books
# Child class
class book
belongs_to :bookshelf
shelf = Bookshelf.create
shelf.books.create :title => "tale of two cities"
shelf.books # [#<Book id:1 title:"tale of two cities"]
shelf.books.create :title => "catcher in the rye"
shelf.books # [#<Book id: 1 title:"tale of two cities">, #<Book id:2 title:"catcher in the rye">]
shelf.previous_version.books # [#<Book id:1 title:"tale of two cities"]

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@airblade airblade commented Aug 31, 2011

I envisage paper_trail being able to do this if you update the shelf before adding the second book.

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