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omegahm /
Created Apr 7, 2015
Create Gtihub labels from Bash
#!/usr/bin/env bash
# Colours picked from
# Label definitions
declare -A LABELS
# Platform

Templating engines and React.js

I want to make a shopify theme using react.

How shopify theming works

You have a bunch of template files that have access to global server-side variables with liquid e.g. {{ product.title }}. Think wordpress or any other theme-based system.

cjbarber /
Last active Oct 28, 2020
Dustin Moskovitz's Book Recommendations (Co-Founder of Asana and Facebook)

Dustin Moskovitz is a cofounder of Asana, and was a co-founder of Facebook. Here are some of his favorite books.

Many thanks to Dustin for this list.

On Consciousness

Douglas R. Hofstadter

Godel, Escher, Bach: An Eternal Golden Braid

JedWatson /
Last active Jul 26, 2021
Example of how to scaffold API endpoints for Posts in a Keystone project (based on the yo keystone example).

This is an example of how to scaffold API endpoints to list / get / create / update / delete Posts in a Keystone website.

It's a modification of the default project created with the yo keystone generator (see

Gists don't let you specify full paths, so in the project structure the files would be:

routes-index.js        -->    /routes/index.js         // modified to add the api endpoints
routes-api-posts.js    -->    /routes/api/posts.js     // new file containing the Post API route controllers
mlouro / gulpfile.js
Last active Jun 21, 2022
gulpfile.js with browserify, jshint, libsass, browserSync for livereload, image optimization and system notifications on errors
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'use strict';
var gulp = require('gulp');
var gutil = require('gulp-util');
var del = require('del');
var uglify = require('gulp-uglify');
var gulpif = require('gulp-if');
var exec = require('child_process').exec;
var notify = require('gulp-notify');
View 01-gulpfile.js
* gulp
* $ npm install gulp-ruby-sass gulp-autoprefixer gulp-cssnano gulp-jshint gulp-concat gulp-uglify gulp-imagemin gulp-notify gulp-rename gulp-livereload gulp-cache del --save-dev
// Load plugins
var gulp = require('gulp'),
sass = require('gulp-ruby-sass'),
autoprefixer = require('gulp-autoprefixer'),
cssnano = require('gulp-cssnano'),
info() { echo "INFO: $1"; }
die() { echo "ERROR: $1. Aborting!"; exit 1; }
SRC_DIR=$SRC_ROOT/{{ proj_name }}
# stop node apps if they're running
bomberstudios /
Last active Sep 2, 2022
A list of Sketch plugins hosted at GitHub, in no particular order.
ebidel / Web Components
Last active Dec 2, 2022
List of resources related to Web Components
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dypsilon /
Last active Dec 8, 2022
A badass list of frontend development resources I collected over time.