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Created Jan 7, 2021
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termgraph test cases
import glob
import json
import chalk
import asyncio
import aiofiles
import tabulate
import pandas as pd
import itertools as it
async def read_tags(f):
async with, mode='r') as reader:
content = json.loads(await['labels']
return [x for x in map(lambda x: x['value'], content)]
files = glob.glob('./*.json')
tags = []
for file in files:
tag_set = set(it.chain.from_iterable(tags))
df = pd.Series([*tag_set]).rename('tags').to_frame()
print(df.tags.str.split(":").apply(pd.Series).rename(columns={0:'tag', 1:'case'}).case.str.split("-").apply(pd.Series)[0].value_counts())
# run script
# ./ | grep -v ":" | termgraph --color black
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