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some panel code example from Bamberg.
const widgets = require("widget");
const data = require("self").data;
const panel = require("panel");
var panelScript = "on('message', function(message) {" +
" console.log('receiving ' + message);" +
" }); "
var wid = widgets.Widget({
id: "some_menu",
label: "My Widget Label",
contentURL: data.url("icon.png"),
contentScriptWhen: "ready",
panel: panel.Panel({
// onMessage: function(message) {
// console.log(message);
// },
contentScript: panelScript,
allow: true,
width: 170,
height: 250,
contentScriptWhen: "ready"
onClick : function() {
console.log("sending the message");
wid.panel.postMessage("the message");;
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