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@canweriotnow canweriotnow/game.rb
Created Aug 23, 2014

What would you like to do? - game with no rules
colors = ["red","blue","yellow","green","pink","black"]
items = ["cell phone","pineapple","salmon","cupcake","tentacle","bow"]
parts = ["head","tail","limb","belly","nose","back"]
animals = ["horse","lion","puppy","dragon","elephant","wolf"]
puts "Choose your animal: "
animals.each_with_index do |a,i|
puts "#{i}. #{a}"
choice = gets
an = animals[choice.to_i]
c = colors[rand(6)]
i = items[rand(6)]
p = parts[rand(6)]
puts "Now draw a #{c} #{i} on your #{an}'s #{p}!"
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