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a = %w(a b c d)
a.inject([]) {|arr,e| arr[-1]=='a' ? arr.insert(-2,e) : arr.push(e)}
View AliasMethodChainWheelGist.rb
# This Gist is here to explain the wonders of alias_method_chain
# It's also pulling double duty as an example of the gist method in training wheels.
# Some stuff about alias_method_chain... blah, blah blah
# Example: Ripped off from errtheblog
def render_with_benchmark(*args)
benchmark("Render call") do
View rails_reporter.rb
class Reporter
class << self
def run_example_report(person,start_date,end_date)
sd_string = start_date.strftime("%Y%m%d")
ed_string = end_date.strftime("%Y%m%d")
filename = "#{}_report_for_#{sd_string}_#{ed_string}"
self.run_report(filename,"EXAMPLE") do |sheet|
sheet.add_row []
View http-proxy-server.rb
# This is a trivial HTTP proxy server, intended for use as a troubleshooting tool
# ONLY (not for real, actual, production use). I wrote this because I couldn't find
# a simple HTTP proxy that I could use to test HTTP proxy support in Net::SSH.
# This code is in the public domain, so do with it what you will!
require 'socket'
server ='', 8080)
client = server.accept
View gist:65556
gem list '\A(?:(?:d[mo])[_-]|data_?(?:mapper|objects)|extlib)' --no-versions \
| xargs sudo gem uninstall -aIx
View gist:109362
# This is a code example for the Ruby HTTP library Typhoeus
# here's an example for twitter search
# Including Typhoeus adds http methods like get, put, post, and delete.
# What's more interesting though is the stuff to build up what I call
# remote_methods.
class Twitter
include Typhoeus
remote_defaults :on_success => lambda {|response| JSON.parse(response.body)},
:on_failure => lambda {|response| puts "error code: #{response.code}"},
View .kindle_export.rb
# PRINT TO KINDLE in Mac OSX (for Kindle DX)
# HUH?
# - Kindle file depository:
# - drag any supported Kindle file to a local folder
# - file will be automatically transfered whenever Kindle is connected
# - "Print To Kindle" Print menu option (PDF):
# - when Kindle is connected it will print as PDF straight to the Kindle (from anywhere)
# - when Kindle is not connected, it will print to the local folder and is transfered as soon as Kindle is connected
View deploy.rb
# copy to your Capistrano recipe file
namespace :deploy do
task :clear_cached_assets, :roles => :web do
dir = "#{current_release}/public"
run %(rm #{dir}/javascripts/all.js #{dir}/stylesheets/master.css)
View iphone-tethering.mdown

HOWTO: iPhone AT&T Tethering

In 10 steps:

  • Update iTunes to 8.2 via Software Update
  • Update your iPhone to the 3.0 release (out today - June 17th)
  • Download this dmg and mount it: tethering file
  • Enable hidden carrier testing option (in defaults write carrier-testing -bool TRUE
  • Start up iTunes
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