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Map Component addIn that uses a marker defined in the resultset
this.markerImageGetter = "urlMarker2";
this.setAddInOptions("MarkerImage", "urlMarker2", {
iconUrlColIdx: 4 // column where the marker urls are
], function(AddIn, Dashboard) {
"use strict";
var custom = {
name: "urlMarker2",
label: "An alternative urlMarker addIn",
defaults: {
iconUrlColIdx: null
implementation: function(tgt, st, opt) {
var style = {
if(st.width != null) style.width = st.width;
if(st.height != null) style.height = st.height;
return style;
Dashboard.registerGlobalAddIn("NewMapComponent", "MarkerImage", new AddIn(custom));
return custom;
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