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Disable the 'full height' feature on hero slideshow in #Brooklyn

What you want

You want a slideshow that goes from the left edge to the right edge but no clipping of the slides on the left and right. You want a theme that looks like Mobilia from Out of the Sandbox. For this, you will lose the navigation + logo over the slide feature. Maybe that's exactly what you want! No more worries about having your navigation readable over your slides.

This is what you want:

Alt text

Alt text

How to get there

Open the hero.liquid snippet in the online code editor, and on line 21 replace this:

{% assign hero_full_height = true %}

... with

{% assign hero_full_height = false %}

That's it! Rejoice!


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@DCStore DCStore commented Nov 25, 2018

Hello, I have a related problem. I use the Venture theme and the hero image looks worse the wider the screen gets because it cuts off too much of the picture. It looks good on most screens but on my 27" computer screen, the hero image (of a sanctuary) only shows the ceiling. It looks awful. The web site is Would you know of a solution? On larger screens, I'd like the picture to not be so wide... Thank you!

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