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Resources from my talk about AI and ML's role in journalism 🗞

How AI is Enhancing Journalism

🖥 PDF Slides 📝 Abstract


🤖 Heliograf from The Washington Post
A robot reporter that produced around 850 articles in its first year and earned The Post an award for its “Excellence in Use of Bots” from its work on the 2016 US election coverage.

🤖 Bertie from Forbes
An AI publishing platform designed specifically for Forbes' in-house newsroom and partners. It recommends trending topics to cover, ways to make headlines more compelling and relevant imagery to accompany stories.

🤖 Quakebot from LA Times
Whenever an alert from the U.S. Geological Survey comes in about an earthquake above a certain size threshold, Quakebot is programmed to extract the relevant data and generate a story.
💻 A gist describing how Quakebot works

🤖 ReporterMate from Guardian Australia
An automated system that reports on politics and probably more to come. Published its first article in February 2019.
💻 Open source code for ReporterMate

Reports done with AI/ML

📰 The Homicide Report from the LA Times
A robot that collects information on every homicide committed in Los Angeles.

📰 Chamber of Secrets: Teaching a Machine What Congress Cares About from ProPublica
ProPublica trained a computer model to comb through thousands of press releases to extract what phrases each Congress member uses most frequently.

📰 We Trained A Computer To Search For Hidden Spy Planes. This Is What It Found. from BuzzFeed
An algorithm sift for planes with flight patterns that resembled those operated by the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security.

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