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Notes: Drupal 8 Mobile Initiative Meeting 32.0

Drupal Mobile Initiative Meeting 32.0

  1. Code Freeze Retrospective due on Thursday * John is doing a screencast * Shyamala's outline is: in this Google Doc * Screenshots are needed

  2. John needs to connect with js folks like _nod * there are still a lot of js related tickets.

  3. Issues In Need of Attention * * General Admin cleanup

    • Shyamala has been working with people in india going through the navigation and looking for broken stuff. * Novice issues need to be found
  4. Drupal Ladders * Documentation needs to be written for what has been accomplished so far.

    • this is related to #1 * create a better list of issues that need to be worked on
  5. John's Conversation * John talked to Sam Boyer last week about aggregation strategy

    • Sam has a plan for getting rid of drupal_add_css and drupal_add_js
    • talked about loose grouping (what d8mobi does) and says it's cool to move forward with our plan. it won't affect future plans. * John is taking a look formatting standards edits by @carwin 1887862
    • Standards documents should be in the form: Why -> How?
  6. @jbeach brought up concerns about component--active,

  7. John Ferris is creating an issue related to Drupal's penchant for deleting double__underscores.

  8. Chris Weber suggests a user interface for allowing users to modify or add CSS to menus.

    • menu_block module needs ability to choose different levels of the menu

Questions posited during meeting:

Should "expanded" and "collapsed" be considered "states" of a component?

Can we move default styling out of [] (

jbeach's toolbar needs:

The following are potential blockers to code complete:

All of these issues need to be timeboxed to 2 weeks. If possible, send any idle hands towards these issues. Perhaps Shyamala can find some people to help.

Top priority

Secondary priority

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