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Last active Aug 29, 2015
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dancing & gender roles

You can paste the contents of the .dot file into something like this (auto-reloads nicely but goes down sometimes) or this (not as pretty but breaks less).

digraph G {
fontname = "Bitstream Vera Sans"
fontsize = 8
node [
shape = "record"
fontname = "Bitstream Vera Sans"
fontsize = 8
edge [
fontname = "Bitstream Vera Sans"
fontsize = 8
# Definitions
A [ label = "Do you believe dancing should be gendered?\nAre you uncomfortable with women leading or men following?" ];
gender_question [ label = "Would you dance with someone of the same gender?"];
role_question [ label = "Would you dance the other role, in principle?\n\n(If you prefer to only lead or only follow,\nI accept that too of course!)"];
silly [ label = "I agree, gender roles are silly."]
woo [ label = "woo! we're probably on the same page\nI feel comfortable with you so far\nlet's dance :)"];
# -ist branch
umm [ label = "umm\n\nyou might be an -ist\nyou might not be very accepting of others\nwe may have very different views\nyou may be over-sexualizing dance (whether you realize it or not)"];
G [ label = "Would you like to be more accepting of others?\nDo you value 'acceptance'?"];
H [ label = ":(\nI don't understand\nyour lack of acceptance"];
I [ label = ":)\nwe can talk about this more if you'd like"];
X [label="no\nb/c of skill development\nb/c of other reason?"]
A -> umm [label="yes"]
A -> silly
silly -> gender_question [label="gender"]
silly -> role_question [label="role"]
# same gender?
gender_question -> woo [label="yes"]
gender_question -> umm [label="no"]
# dance both roles?
role_question -> woo [label="yes"]
role_question -> umm [label="no"]
role_question -> X [label="yes, but..."]
umm -> G
G -> H [label="no"]
G -> I [label="yes"]
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