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Last active Aug 29, 2015
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Autoload Events into PPM
//Input Project
name = " - Student Developer & Mentorship Program (Support) - Management"
jQuery('[doy=245] .project textarea').click()
//Input Application
name = "Shifts"
jQuery('[doy=272] [placeholder="Application"]').click()

I keep track of my PPM time separately, and I'd love to be able to run a script to run over a list like this to just upload it instead of spending 3+ hours each month inputting it manually.

date time Project/RTS Activity Type Application
2014-09-29 .5 Web Team Lead RTS Routine & Maintenance Services Shifts
2014-09-29 2 SDMP RTS - Community Collaboration and Advisement


  1. get a more robust way to find the popup screen - maybe check for visible ones?
  2. encapsulate in a function that accepts a string as "
  3. make a better way to find the current day, [doy=###] doesn't seem terrible but I'm not sure it's reliable
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