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Last active Mar 7, 2019
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Casey's server uses "Minecraft Forge" 1.12.

These instructions will install minecraft version 1.12 with forge. Forge lets us have (optional) client-side mods, like the map one. You don't have to use mods if you don't want to, but you do need the Forge 1.12 minecraft version.

These instructions assume you already have the normal app Minecraft (launcher).

Download & Install Minecraft

  • If you don't already have a Minecraft account, you'll need to make an account (and pay for it)
  • When you remember your minecraft account username, tell it to Casey so he can whitelist your user
  • Download the Minecraft client from

Download & Install Forge

Minecraft: Set Launch Options

  • open the app "Minecraft"
  • go to the "Launch Options" tab
  • add new
    • name it Casey's Server
    • choose the one at the bottom, 1.12 Forge. Everything else can be default. Save

Minecraft: Add Server

  • open the app "Minecraft", go to the main tab (which is News lol whyy)
  • choose Casey's Server
  • Multiplayer ->
  • Add Server
    • Server Name: Casey's Server
    • Server Address:
  • join that server when you're ready :)

Ask Casey to whitelist you

  • tell him your minecraft username.
    • he'll add you to the whitelist so you can log in
      • (he'll use /whitelist add NAME)
    • He'll can also add you to the op list so you can use cheats to change gameplay mode etc.

Optional Client-side Mods

To install these, put the file you download in the mods folder (keep reading).

getting to the folder

You can jump to the resourcepacks folder (which is next to the mods folder) in the UI: Options... -> Resource Packs... -> Open Resource Pack Folder -> go up a folder (cmd+uparrow) -> open mods folder. Put mods in there :) (it could optionally be in a folder 1.12 etc so it only applies to that version)

(why isn't this folder just openable from the Mods screen? who knows! lol)


  • Journeymap
    • from the site, get it for 1.12
    • in-game, it should give you a minimap in the corner. Press j for journeymap options
  • Worldedit
    • I've got a version attached to this page that's an (unreleased) update for 1.12, use that one
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