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Last active Aug 29, 2015
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#!/usr/bin/env ruby
# gem install pony
require 'pony'
if ARGV[0]
my_filename = ARGV[0]
my_email = `git config --global`
Pony.mail(to: my_email, from:my_email, subject: "Mailing Myself a File", body: "ohai, yes this is a file you sent yourself just now.", attachments: {my_filename =>})
puts "please provide as a single argument the name of the file to send to yourself"

MailMe is a super short ruby script that uses pony to send yourself a file from the computer you're on.


git clone ~/mailme
gem install pony
cd ~/mailme
ln -s $PWD/mailme /usr/local/bin/

The mailme script is stored in the file ~/mailme/mailme, and symlinked to your /usr/local/bin/. After restarting your terminal, the command mailme will be available.



  • The "me" is gleaned from your git config --global
  • The file that is sent is provided as the first argument to the command.
  • Warning: mail sent from the local computer via pony is often caught in a spam filter, make sure the message actually arrives in your inbox.

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@caseywatts caseywatts commented Feb 9, 2015

The user interface I really want is mailme FILENAME.

I can imagine rewriting this to use mail and remove the ruby dependency and that'd be great! But I've got a stumbling point.

OS X doesn't come with the command line utility mutt (a MIME utility needed to do attachments with mail). pony brings in a ruby MIME package and uses it in conjunction with mail. Right now I suspect the ruby dependency is more lightweight than one would be on mutt.

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