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cassolmc /
Created August 24, 2022 19:40
Flask-Caching with Azure redis
import datetime
from flask import Flask, jsonify
from flask_caching import Cache
app = Flask(__name__)
cache = Cache(app, config={
"DEBUG": True,
'CACHE_TYPE': 'RedisCache',
'CACHE_REDIS_HOST': '', # Azure reris URL
cassolmc / launch.json
Created July 16, 2019 14:43
Fix breakpoints not hitting visual code
// Use IntelliSense to learn about possible attributes.
// Hover to view descriptions of existing attributes.
// For more information, visit:
"version": "0.2.0",
"configurations": [
"sourceMapPathOverrides": {
"webpack:/*": "${webRoot}/*"
cassolmc /
Created March 14, 2019 13:05 — forked from pbertera/
Freshdesk Single sign-on in Python
import time
import hashlib
import hmac
import urllib
def get_sso_url(email, name, base_url, key, redirect_url=None, phone=None, company=None):
"""This function returns the Freshdesk SSO URL.
For more info look at
utctime = int(time.time())
@echo OFF
SET text="Hello World!"
ECHO %text:"=%
cassolmc /
Last active April 25, 2016 13:39
QMessagebox with Checkbox
import sys
from PySide.QtCore import *
from PySide.QtGui import *
class DialogWithCheckBox(QMessageBox):
def __init__(self, parent= None):
super(DialogWithCheckBox, self).__init__(parent)
self.checkbox = QCheckBox()