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GPIO connections for BYK870 based keyboards (WIP)
rows and column numbers start at the bottom left
P0.2: USB pin D+
P0.3: USB pin D-
P0.4: USB pin D+ pulldown (used during reset)
P2.0: USB pin D- pullup (used during reset)
P0.5: switch row 6 drive
P0.6: switch row 5 drive
P0.7: switch row 4 drive
P2.1: switch row 3 drive
P2.2: switch row 2 drive
P2.3: switch row 1 drive
P6.1: switch column 1 sense / LED column 1 drive
P6.2: switch column 2 sense / LED column 2 drive
P6.3: switch column 3 sense / LED column 3 drive
P6.4: switch column 4 sense / LED column 4 drive
P6.5: switch column 5 sense / LED column 5 drive
P6.6: switch column 6 sense / LED column 6 drive
P6.7: switch column 7 sense / LED column 7 drive
P7.0: switch column 8 sense / LED column 8 drive
P7.1: switch column 9 sense / LED column 9 drive
P7.2: switch column 10 sense / LED column 10 drive
P7.3: switch column 11 sense / LED column 11 drive
P7.4: switch column 12 sense / LED column 12 drive
P7.5: switch column 13 sense / LED column 13 drive
P7.6: switch column 14 sense / LED column 14 drive
P7.7: switch column 15 sense / LED column 15 drive
P8.0: switch column 16 sense / LED column 16 drive
P8.1: switch column 17 sense / LED column 17 drive
P8.2: switch column 18 sense / LED column 18 drive
P2.4: LED row 1 pin 3 drive
P2.5: LED row 1 pin 2 drive
P2.6: LED row 1 pin 4 drive
P2.7: LED row 2 pin 3 drive
P5.0: LED row 2 pin 2 drive
P5.1: LED row 2 pin 4 drive
P5.2: LED row 3 pin 3 drive
P5.3: LED row 3 pin 2 drive
P5.4: LED row 3 pin 4 drive
P5.5: LED row 4 pin 3 drive
P5.6: LED row 4 pin 2 drive
P5.7: LED row 4 pin 4 drive
P8.3: LED row 5 pin 4 drive
P8.4: LED row 5 pin 2 drive
P8.5: LED row 5 pin 3 drive
P8.6: LED row 6 pin 4 drive
P8.7: LED row 6 pin 2 drive
P3.0: LED row 6 pin 3 drive
P4.4: LED driver GND control 3 (bottom row)
P4.5: LED driver GND control 2 (right row)
P4.6: LED driver GND control 1 (top row)
P3.4: dedicated LED for Windows key
P3.5: dedicated LED for Scroll Lock
P3.6: dedicated LED for Caps Lock
P3.7: dedicated LED for Num Lock
P4.0: JTAG pin TDO
P4.1: JTAG pin TMS
P4.2: JTAG pin TDI
P4.3: JTAG pin TCK
P4.7: /RESET, pulled high
P0.0: unknown
P0.1: unknown
P1.0: unknown
P1.1: unknown
P1.2: unknown
P1.3: unknown
P1.4: unknown
P1.5: unknown
P1.6: unknown
P1.7: unknown
P3.1: unknown
P3.2: unknown
P3.3: unknown
P6.0: unknown
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