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@cbecerescu cbecerescu/bitfields_bug.mkd Secret
Created Nov 25, 2019

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The following C struct declaration

struct Bad {
    int a : 1;
    int b : 1;
    struct C *ptr; // C is undeclared

would be translated in D to

struct Bad
    import std.bitmanip: bitfields;

        int, "a", 1,
        int, "b", 1,
        uint, "_padding_0", 6
        uint, "_padding_1", 8
    C* ptr;

The issue is that the bitfields final padding would be added twice:

  • for the StructDecl type (we handle bitfields before the skipMember check is done)
  • for the actual FieldDecl type

This issue doesn't occur when C is a pre-declared struct, as we will only have a FieldDecl for that line.

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