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@cbowns cbowns/gist:2992390
Created Jun 26, 2012

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Helper function for moving UIView/CALayer centers when changing anchorPoints
- (CGPoint)center:(CGPoint)oldCenter movedFromAnchorPoint:(CGPoint)oldAnchorPoint toAnchorPoint:(CGPoint)newAnchorPoint withFrame:(CGRect)frame;
CGPoint anchorPointDiff = CGPointMake(newAnchorPoint.x - oldAnchorPoint.x, newAnchorPoint.y - oldAnchorPoint.y);
CGPoint newCenter = CGPointMake(oldCenter.x + (anchorPointDiff.x * frame.size.width),
oldCenter.y + (anchorPointDiff.y * frame.size.height));
return newCenter;

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cbowns commented Jul 12, 2012

Example usage:

CGPoint newTopViewAnchorPoint = CGPointMake(0.5, 1.0);
CGPoint newTopViewCenter = [self movedFromAnchorPoint:topHalfFrontView.layer.anchorPoint toAnchorPoint:newTopViewAnchorPoint withFrame:topHalfFrontView.frame];
topHalfFrontView.layer.anchorPoint = newTopViewAnchorPoint; = newTopViewCenter;
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