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This is a custom ApolloLink which we use to clean the "__typename" field to prevent sending it to the GraphQL server. omitDeep based on this gist:

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commented Dec 16, 2017

how do you integrate that ApolloLink in the ApolloClient?


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commented Dec 18, 2017

Hi @pedall,

In the init component I concatenate the Apollo links used in the app and composed them like this:

const myAppLink = ApolloLink.from ([

      link: myAppLink,
      cache: cache

Please let me know if this helps!



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commented Jan 5, 2018

Thanks for the snippet! I had to extend the omitDeep method to also let through Date objects, else they got stripped:

const omitDeep = (obj: object, key: string | number): object => {
  const keys: Array<any> = Object.keys(obj);
  const newObj: any = {};
  keys.forEach((i: any) => {
    if (i !== key) {
      const val: any = obj[i];
      if (val instanceof Date) newObj[i] = val;
      else if (Array.isArray(val)) newObj[i] = omitDeepArrayWalk(val, key);
      else if (typeof val === 'object' && val !== null) newObj[i] = omitDeep(val, key);
      else newObj[i] = val;
  return newObj;
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