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Async / Await to create a reactive REST API using the Scala PlayFramework
# define a route to get local weather
GET /weather/local controllers.Weather.local
package controllers
import javax.inject.Inject
import play.api.mvc._
import play.api.libs.json.JsValue
import scala.async.Async.{async, await}
class WeatherController @Inject() (ws: WSClient) extends Controller {
* Get local weather
* @return
def local = Action.async {
async {
// get the client's current location
val loc = await(getLocation)
// get the weather for the location
val r = await(getWeather(loc.json))
// return it
def getWeather(loc: JsValue) = {
// extract lattitude longitude from json
val lat = (loc \ "latitude").as[Double]
val lon = (loc \ "longitude").as[Double]
// get weather for locatio
def getLocation = {
// get location by client ip
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