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def mapInitArgs(cls, fromType, toType, translateFun):
oldinit = cls.__init__
def newinit(self, *args, **kwargs):
fields = cls.__dataclass_fields__
fieldIter = iter(fields)
for pos,arg in enumerate(args):
fieldName = next(fieldIter)
if fields[fieldName].type is toType and type(arg) is fromType:
args[pos] = translateFun(arg)
for fieldName in fieldIter:
if fields[fieldName].type is toType and fieldName in kwargs:
kwarg = kwargs[fieldName]
if type(kwarg) is fromType:
kwargs[fieldName] = translateFun(kwarg)
return oldinit(self, *args, **kwargs)
cls.__init__ = newinit
mapInitArgs(SchoolTerm, str, datetime.datetime, dateutil.parser)
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