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Last active Apr 19, 2020
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// POST api/v1/author/{authorId}/undo
/// <summary>
/// Undo a deleted action on Author
/// </summary>
/// <remarks>Undo a deleted action on Author</remarks>
/// <param name="authorId"></param>
[HttpPost("{authorId:length(24)}/undo", Name = nameof(UndoDeletedAuthor))]
public async Task<IActionResult> UndoDeletedAuthor(string authorId)
if (!_memoryCache.TryGetValue(authorId, out Author author))
return new StatusCodeResult(StatusCodes.Status410Gone);
await _unitOfWork.Commit();
var authorToReturn = _mapper.Map<AuthorDto>(author);
return CreatedAtAction(nameof(GetAuthor), new { authorId }, authorToReturn);
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