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dependency-tree for Leiningen
;; requires [com.cemerick/pomegranate "0.0.2"]
;; i.e.
(use '[cemerick.pomegranate.aether :only (dependency-hierarchy resolve-dependencies)])
=> (pprint
'[[incanter "1.2.3"]]
(resolve-dependencies {:coordinates '[[incanter "1.2.3"]]
:repositories (merge cemerick.pomegranate.aether/maven-central {"clojars" ""})})))
{[incanter "1.2.3"]
{[incanter/incanter-charts "1.2.3"]
{[incanter/jfreechart "1.0.13-no-gnujaxp"]
{[incanter/jcommon "1.0.16"] nil}},
[incanter/incanter-core "1.2.3"]
{[incanter/parallelcolt "0.9.4"]
{[incanter/arpack-combo "0.9.4"] nil,
[incanter/csparsej "0.9.4"] nil,
[incanter/jplasma "0.9.4"] nil,
[incanter/jtransforms "0.9.4"] nil,
[incanter/netlib-java "0.9.4"] nil,
[incanter/optimization "0.9.4"] nil},
[org.clojure/clojure-contrib "1.2.0"] nil,
[org.clojure/clojure "1.2.0"] nil},
[incanter/incanter-excel "1.2.3"]
{[org.apache.poi/poi "3.6"]
{[commons-logging "1.1" :scope "runtime"]
{[avalon-framework "4.1.3" :scope "runtime"] nil,
[javax.servlet/servlet-api "2.3" :scope "runtime"] nil,
[logkit "1.0.1" :scope "runtime"] nil},
[log4j "1.2.13" :scope "runtime"] nil}},
[incanter/incanter-io "1.2.3"]
{[net.sf.opencsv/opencsv "2.0.1"] nil,
[org.danlarkin/clojure-json "1.1-20091229.021828-4"] nil},
[incanter/incanter-latex "1.2.3"]
{[net.sf.alxa/jlatexmath "0.9.1-20100323.073428-1"] nil},
[incanter/incanter-mongodb "1.2.3"]
{[org.clojars.bmabey/congomongo "0.1.2-20100502.112537-2"]
{[org.clojars.somnium/clojure-db-object "0.1.1-20091229.021828-2"]
[org.clojars.somnium/mongo-java-driver "1.1.0-20091229.021828-3"]
[incanter/incanter-pdf "1.2.3"] {[com.lowagie/itext "1.4"] nil},
[incanter/incanter-processing "1.2.3"]
{[incanter/processing-core "1.1"] nil},
[jline "0.9.94"] {[junit "3.8.1"] nil},
[swank-clojure "1.3.0-20110104.084027-21"] nil,
[swingrepl "1.0.0-20100502.112537-4"] nil}}

Insanely cool. Out of interest, why the need for the internal call to resolve-dependencies within dependency-hierarchy? It seems strange to see '[[incanter "1.2.3"]] specified twice.


cemerick commented Dec 13, 2011

resolve-dependencies returns an unrooted graph; dependency-hierarchy prunes that graph based on one or more roots. In nearly all real-world usage, there will be multiple roots, and it wouldn't be wise IMO to have the dependency graph cart around the roots that were used to produce it.

FWIW, these are low-level functions; in reality, the interaction between them is going to get wrapped up into a helper fn that will make the (apparent) complexity disappear. :-)

Interesting. I guess I just need to look into this stuff a little bit closer. Do you have any links that would be useful?

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