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@cemerick cemerick/hash_of.clj Secret
Created Jul 26, 2010

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(defmulti hash-of
"Returns a string representation of a SHA1 hash of the provided data, which can be
a File, byte[], String (which will be converted to UTF-8 byte[]), or an InputStream."
(defmethod hash-of String
[#^String s]
(hash-of (.getBytes s "UTF-8")))
(defmethod hash-of (class (make-array Byte/TYPE 0))
(hash-of ( bytes)))
(defmethod hash-of
[#^ f]
(-> f hash-of))
(defmethod hash-of
[#^ is]
(let [digest (MiscUtilities/createDigester "SHA1")
arr (make-array Byte/TYPE 2048)]
(loop [len (.read is arr)]
(when-not (== -1 len)
(.update digest arr 0 len)
(recur (.read is arr))))
(-> digest .digest MiscUtilities/toHex)))
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