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Notes from the 1-29-13

Linux System Administration class notes


Set up user/pass

James set me up a user/pass on his box.

SSH into the box and change your password with these steps

  1. ssh
  2. Enter password to login
  3. Type the following command to change your password passwd
  4. It will ask for your existing pass and your new password with confirm entry

Clone the github repo

  1. git clone
  2. Change directories into the new repo with cd kd
  3. Create a new file and then run git status to see your changes git status

Hey Carlos,
I myself put up a sample GitHub repository over four months ago and neither touched this nor even went through the basic Bootcamp steps since then. Thanks much for putting up these notes on yesterday afternoon's GitHub acct setup through Jim (above), and especially for making an easy link from NB's Linux System Administration class !!


cgcardona commented Feb 8, 2013

No problem. I missed last Tue. but I intend to start coming every week if possible.

Also I've moved the notes here:

Also, here are my notes from the Rails class later that evening:

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