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@cgerke /arp
Created Nov 16, 2012

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Need to find device macaddresses on your network?
ping the device, then arp -a
arp -- address resolution display and control
arp [-n] [-i interface] hostname
arp [-n] [-i interface] [-l] -a
arp -d hostname [pub] [ifscope interface]
arp -d [-i interface] -a
arp -s hostname ether_addr [temp] [reject] [blackhole] [pub [only]] [ifscope interface]
arp -S hostname ether_addr [temp] [reject] [blackhole] [pub [only]] [ifscope interface]
arp -f filename
The arp utility displays and modifies the Internet-to-Ethernet address translation tables used by the
address resolution protocol (arp(4)). With no flags, the program displays the current ARP entry for
hostname. The host may be specified by name or by number, using Internet dot notation.
Available options:
-a The program displays or deletes all of the current ARP entries.
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