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Showing off how to use applyAsync to display a spinner while a long query is running in Aras Innovator.
var applyWithSpinner = async function(itm) {
aras.browserHelper.toggleSpinner(document, true);
var res = await itm.applyAsync();
aras.browserHelper.toggleSpinner(document, false);
return res;
// Create a query we know will take a while like querying for all Methods in the system
var longQueryItem = aras.IomInnovator.newItem("Method", "get");
var res = await applyWithSpinner(longQueryItem);
alert("Performed query and found " + res.getItemCount() + " Methods");

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@MAkallal MAkallal commented Mar 26, 2021

Interesting, however, how this code can be used with applyMethod() to call as server side method?

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