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user=> (defn audit-ns [ns]
(let [publics (ns-publics ns)]
(map key (remove #(let [m (-> % val meta)] (or (:doc m) (:added m))) publics))))
user=> (audit-ns (find-ns 'clojure.core))
(chunked-seq? find-protocol-impl chunk-buffer find-protocol-method EMPTY-NODE await1 -reset-methods *allow-unresolved-vars* proxy-call-with-super
munge print-doc *math-context* with-loading-context unquote-splicing chunk-cons chunk-append destructure -cache-protocol-fn print-dup
*use-context-classloader* proxy-name print-ctor chunk-rest method-sig print-method hash-combine chunk definterface unquote primitives-classnames
rational? chunk-first *source-path* *assert* print-special-doc chunk-next print-simple)
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