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Google Reader replacements


  • Requires Google Chrome or Firefox on Desctop
  • Has iPad and Android apps, does not have WindowsRT app
  • Syncs read items with Google Reader
  • Guys does not like Windows

The Old Reader

  • Works in any browser
  • Looks very fammilar to Google Reader
  • Does not sync read items withh Google Reader
  • Import from Google Reader through OPML


  • Easy import feeds form Google Reader
  • Open blogposts in IFRAME


  • Easy import feeds form Google Reader
  • I do not understand how it works


  • I am in queue free accounts on NewsBlur

Digg Reader

  • Not done yet


  • Open-source project
  • Easy import from Google Reader
  • Has plugins for Google Chrome, Firefox and Opera


  • Nice looking
  • Import from Google Reader is easy
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