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channemann /
Created Oct 15, 2015
Testing Dexcom g4 Platinum w/ Share Receiver Records
import readdata
dd = readdata.Dexcom.FindDevice()
dr = readdata.Dexcom(dd)
meter_records = dr.ReadRecords('METER_DATA')
print meter_records[0]
print meter_records[-1]
insertion_records = dr.ReadRecords('INSERTION_TIME')
print insertion_records[0]
print insertion_records[-1]

Pump Battery Change Log

  • Pump: MM 723 v2.4A
  • Looping 24/7 (nominally), running every five minutes


Battery Type n Mean Duration [hr] Standard Deviation [hr]
Energizer Ultimate Lithium 2 232.0 7.4
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Range tests of Medtronic CareLink USB Stick
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