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(use '[])
(use '[clojure.contrib.str-utils2 :only (join)])
(defn fasta-lengths [in-file]
"Generate collection of FASTA record lengths, splitting at '>' delimiters"
(->> (line-seq (reader in-file))
(partition-by #(.startsWith ^String % ">"))
(filter #(not (.startsWith ^String (first %) ">")))
(map #(join "" %))
(map #(.length ^String %))))
(defn lazy-avg [coll]
"Collect the count and number of values in a collection in one pass.
1 define the function that increments the sum and counts.
2 reduce the collection, updating the sum and count, and assign to variables
3 divide the sum by count, keeping it safe in case of 0 division
(let [f (fn [[s c] val] [(+ s val) (inc c)])
[sum cnt] (reduce f [0 0] coll)]
(if (zero? cnt) 0 (/ sum cnt))))
(when *command-line-args*
(lazy-avg (fasta-lengths (first *command-line-args*)))))
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