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// index.js
app.intent('challengeHint', (conv) => {
// get the data that is saved on the user
let challengesName =;
let level =;
// if they don't have a challengeName, then we tell them a
// message
if (!challengeName){
conv.ask(new SimpleResponse({
speech: noChallengeresponse['speech'},
text: noChallengeresponse['text'],
conv.ask(new Suggestions(
choose(responses.commmonSuggestions, 2)
} else {
// figures out which question the user is on
let question = findQuestion(level, challengesName);
// sends hint to user
conv.ask(new SimpleResponse({
speech: question['hintSpeech'],
text: question['hintText'],
conv.ask(new Suggestions('Solution', 'Repeat Problem')
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