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Passing Information With Segues Example iOS
import XCTest
import Hamcrest
import FutureKit
@testable import FruitApp
class ListOfFruitsViewControllerTest: XCTestCase {
func testShowsFruitDetailsWhenFruitRowIsTapped() {
let orange = FruitAppFruit(name: "Orange")
fruitService.stubbedFruits = [orange]
fruitListController.tableView(fruitListController.fruitTableView, didSelectRowAtIndexPath: NSIndexPath(forRow: 0, inSection: 0))
CFRunLoopRunInMode(kCFRunLoopDefaultMode, 0.001, false)
assertThat(navigationController.topViewController, presentAnd(instanceOf(FruitDetailViewController.self)))
let fruitDetailsController = navigationController.topViewController as! FruitDetailViewController
assertThat(fruitDetailsController.fruit, presentAnd(equalTo(orange)))
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