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Marking Follower Servers Updated
def mark_updated(self, server_name):
self.followers_with_update_status[server_name] = True
trues = len(list(filter(lambda x: x is True, self.followers_with_update_status.values())))
falses = len(list(filter(lambda x: x is False, self.followers_with_update_status.values())))
if trues >= falses:
print("Committing entry: " + self.current_operation)
self.current_operation_committed = True
self.key_value_store.write_to_state_machine(self.current_operation, term_absent=True, write=False)
broadcast(self, with_return_address(self, "commit_entries ['" + self.current_operation + "']"))
self.current_operation_committed = False
for server_name in other_server_names(
self.followers_with_update_status[server_name] = False
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