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Fix errors thrown by singleton during multiprocessing in python with environment variables
import time
from joblib import Parallel, delayed
import os
class OnlyOne:
"""Singleton Class, inspired by
Modified to work with parallel processes using environment
variables to store state across processes.
class __OnlyOne:
def __init__(self, arg):
if arg is None:
raise ValueError("Pretend empty instantiation breaks code")
self.val = arg
def __str__(self):
return repr(self) + self.val
instance = None
def __init__(self, arg=None):
if not self.instance:
if arg is None:
# look up val from env var
arg = os.getenv('SINGLETON_VAL')
# set env var so all workers use the same val
os.environ['SINGLETON_VAL'] = arg
self.instance = self.__OnlyOne(arg)
self.instance.val = arg
def __getattr__(self, name):
return getattr(self.instance, name)
def worker(num):
"""Single worker function to run in parallel.
Assume that this function has to do an empty
instantiation of the singleton.
one = OnlyOne()
one.val += num
return one.val
# Instantiate singleton
one = OnlyOne(0)
# Run in parallel worry-free
res = Parallel(n_jobs=-1, verbose=10)(
delayed(worker)(i) for i in range(10)
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