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let checkio (text:string,words:string) =
let lt = text.ToLower()
let lw = words.ToLower()
let range = [0..text.Length-1]
let index w =
(fun i -> lt.Substring(i).StartsWith(w))
|> List.filter <| range
|> (fun i -> (i,i+w.Length))
let span =
lw.Split([|' '|]) |> index |> Seq.concat
let spans =
let hits i = Seq.filter (fun (j,k)->j<=i && i<k) span (Set.ofSeq << hits) range |> Array.ofList
let spanGet j =
if j>=0 && j<text.Length then spans.[j] else Set.empty
let border x y =
not (Set.isEmpty x) && Set.isEmpty (Set.intersect x y)
let tag i j t =
if border (spanGet i) (spanGet j) then t else ""
let trans (i,c) =
(tag i (i-1) "<span>") + c.ToString() + (tag i (i+1) "</span>") range text |> trans |> String.concat ""
let my_assert info args expected =
let ans = checkio args
if ans <> expected then
printf "Failed : %A\n%A\n" info ans
let my_main args =
my_assert 1 ("This is only a text example for task example.","example")
"This is only a text <span>example</span> for task <span>example</span>."
my_assert 2 ("Python is a widely used high-level programming language.", "pyThoN")
"<span>Python</span> is a widely used high-level programming language."
my_assert 3 ("It is experiment for control groups with similar distributions.", "is im")
("It <span>is</span> exper<span>im</span>ent"+
" for control groups with s<span>im</span>ilar d<span>is</span>tributions.")
my_assert 4 ("The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA).", "nasa THE")
"<span>The</span> National Aeronautics and Space Administration (<span>NASA</span>)."
my_assert 5 ("Did you find anything?", "word space tree")
"Did you find anything?"
my_assert 6 ("Hello World! Or LOL", "hell world or lo")
"<span>Hello</span> <span>World</span>! <span>Or</span> <span>LO</span>L"
printfn "done."; 0
my_main ()
let main args = my_main args
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