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This Maya plugin overrides the default Increment and Save menu command to accept only scenes with the v[0-9]+ version pattern.
Alex Kline | dev[at]alexkline<dot>com
This Maya plugin overrides the default Increment and Save menu command to accept only scenes with a valid v[0-9]+ version pattern.
In addition, it will also update the Version Label field in the render settings with a matching version.
See examples below, and blog post above for more information. -> ->
import sys
import maya.api.OpenMaya as om
import maya.cmds as cmds
import maya.mel as mel
import glob
import re
import os
cusCall_updateVersionToken = None
def maya_useNewAPI():
"""The presence of this function tells Maya that the plugin produces, and expects to be passed, objects created using the Maya Python API 2.0."""
class BetterIncrementAndSave(om.MPxCommand):
kPluginCmdName = "bias"
def __init__(self):
def cmdCreator():
return BetterIncrementAndSave()
def _message(self, message):
print(" | {}".format(message))
def _check_scene(self):
"""Validate scene, find version based on convention, and return relevant information."""
scenePath = cmds.file(sn=True, q=True)
if scenePath == "":
cmds.confirmDialog(title="Scene Not Saved!", message="Please save your current scene with a valid version pattern in the filename, v[0-9]+.\nIn example, OR")
self._message("Current scene is not saved! Please save your scene and include a valid version pattern in the filename, v[0-9]+. In Example, OR")
return False
sceneDir, sceneName = os.path.split(scenePath)
fileName, fileExt = os.path.splitext(sceneName)
# checking if version pattern exists in file
ver = ""
ver ="v[0-9]+", fileName).group(0)
self._message("current scene filename does contain a valid version pattern, v[0-9]+. please save your scene with a valid version tag: v###")
return False
return {"scenePath": scenePath, "sceneDir": sceneDir, "sceneName": sceneName, "fileName": fileName, "fileExt":fileExt, "version": ver }
def doIt(self, args):
checks = self._check_scene()
if not checks:
def _increment_version(curVersion):
vNum = curVersion[1:]
vLen = len(vNum)
vNumUp = str(int(vNum) + 1)
newVersion = "v{}".format(vNumUp.zfill(vLen))
return newVersion
def _get_file_type():
if checks["fileExt"] == ".ma":
return "mayaAscii"
elif checks["fileExt"] == ".mb":
return "mayaBinary"
def _make_latest(inPath):
latestFile = glob.glob("{}/*{}".format(os.path.split(inPath)[0], checks["fileExt"]))[-1]
ver ="v[0-9]+", inPath).group(0)
lVer = _increment_version("v[0-9]+", latestFile).group(0))
nPath = re.sub(ver, lVer, inPath)
return nPath, lVer
# replace current version with new one
version = _increment_version(checks["version"])
nScenePath = re.sub(checks["version"], version, checks["scenePath"])
# check if version of scene already exists
if os.path.isfile(nScenePath):
mLatePath , mLateVer = _make_latest(nScenePath)
prompt = cmds.confirmDialog(title="File Conflict",
message="%s already exists already. What would you like to do?" % (os.path.split(nScenePath)[-1]),
button=["overwrite", "make latest ({})".format(mLateVer), "cancel"]
if prompt == "overwrite":
elif prompt == "make latest ({})".format(mLateVer):
nScenePath = mLatePath
self._message("user cancelled incrementAndSave process.")
# save new file
cmds.file(save=True, f=True, type=_get_file_type())
self._message("incremented and saved - {}".format(nScenePath))
def update_version_label(*args):
"""Update render settings version label."""
bias = BetterIncrementAndSave()
checks = bias._check_scene()
if not checks:
cmds.setAttr("defaultRenderGlobals.renderVersion", checks["version"], type="string")
def initializePlugin( mobject ):
"""Initialize the plug-in when Maya loads it."""
global cusCall_updateVersionToken
mplugin = om.MFnPlugin(mobject, vendor="Alex Kline", version="1.0", apiVersion="2.0" )
mplugin.registerCommand(BetterIncrementAndSave.kPluginCmdName, BetterIncrementAndSave.cmdCreator )
mel.eval("source incrementAndSaveScene.mel")
mel.eval("""global proc incrementAndSaveScene( int $force )
cusCall_updateVersionToken = om.MSceneMessage.addCallback(om.MSceneMessage.kAfterSave, update_version_label)
sys.stderr.write( "Failed to register command: " + BetterIncrementAndSave.kPluginCmdName )
def uninitializePlugin( mobject ):
"""Uninitialize the plug-in when Maya un-loads it."""
global cusCall_updateVersionToken
mplugin = om.MFnPlugin( mobject )
mplugin.deregisterCommand( BetterIncrementAndSave.kPluginCmdName )
mel.eval("source incrementAndSaveScene.mel")
sys.stderr.write( "Failed to unregister command: " + BetterIncrementAndSave.kPluginCmdName )
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