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Wordpress archives page showing all posts in reverse chronological order, sorted by year then month with nested lists.
Template Name: Master Archives Page
<?php get_header(); ?>
<article class="archive-list">
<h2>Blog Archives</h2>
// Timeliness variables
$month = '';
$year = '';
$prevmonth = '';
$prevyear = '';
// We want to treat the latest month and year differently
$latestmonth = '';
$latestyear = '';
// Switches, because we want to do something special at the start of a new month and year
// Default 1 (true)
$newmonth = 1;
$newyear = 1;
// Cycle through all the posts to display the archive
// All right, let's get into the loop
if (have_posts()) : while (have_posts()) : the_post();
// Find the month/year of the current post
$year = mysql2date('Y', $post->post_date);
$month = mysql2date('F', $post->post_date);
// If latest month/year haven't been set yet, we know them to be this month/year
if ($latestyear == '') $latestyear = $year;
if ($latestmonth == '') $latestmonth = $month;
// Check if the year and month have changed
if ($year != $prevyear) :
$prevyear = $year;
$newyear = 1;
// Additional check for same month in different year
if ($month == $prevmonth):
$newmonth = 1;
if ($month != $prevmonth) :
$prevmonth = $month;
$newmonth = 1;
// If it's a new year, let's spit out a year heading
if ($newyear) :
// If the new year isn't the latest year, let's close off the year group
if ($year != $latestyear): ?>
<?php endif; ?>
<h3><?php echo $year; ?></h3>
<ul id="<?php echo $year; ?>" class="year-group">
<?php // Don't reset $newyear yet, because the month calculation depends on it
if ($newmonth) :
// If we're a month in the same year, let's close off the month group
if (!($newyear)): ?>
<?php endif; ?>
<li><h4><?php echo $month; ?></h4>
<ul id="<?php echo $month . $year; ?>" class="month-group">
<?php $newmonth = 0;
// Now set to false if it wasn't already false
if ($newyear): $newyear = 0; endif;
<li><?php echo mysql2date('jS', $post->post_date); ?>: <a href="<?php the_permalink(); ?>"><?php the_title(); ?></a></li>
endwhile; endif;
<?php get_footer(); ?>

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@jatstudio jatstudio commented Nov 15, 2014

This is really nice. I was wondering how to get the number of posts of each month.

All the best.

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