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Groovy program that rewrites itself exactly using a new, random filename.
def p = '''
@Grab(group='commons-lang', module='commons-lang', version='2.4') import static org.apache.commons.lang.RandomStringUtils.randomAlphanumeric
File file = new File("${randomAlphanumeric(8)}.groovy").write(p)
new GroovyShell(new Binding([p: "def p = ${"'"*3}${p}${"'"*3}; ${p.readLines()[3]}"])).evaluate(p.readLines()[0..2].join(';') as String)
'''; new GroovyShell(new Binding([p: "def p = ${"'"*3}${p}${"'"*3}; ${p.readLines()[3]}"])).evaluate(p.readLines()[0..2].join(';') as String)
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