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3 things I've learned in 5 years of JavaScript Software Development

3 things I've learned in 5 years of JavaScript Software Development

Code should lead with the higher-level concepts. The lower-level pieces should follow

Don't force the reader of your code to scroll past the minutiae.

function makeBreakfast() {
  const ingredients = fetchIngredients();
  const friedBacon = fryBacon(ingredients.bacon);
  const cookedScrambledEggs = whiskEggsAndFryThem(ingredients.eggs);
  const preparedMeal = plateAndSeasonMeal(friedBacon, cookedScrambledEggs);
  return preparedMeal;

function fetchIngredients() {
  return {
    bacon: 'got some bacon',
    eggs: 'got some eggs',

function fryBacon(bacon) {
  // return some fried bacon

function whiskEggsAndFryThem(eggs) {
  // return some cooked scrambled eggs

function plateAndSeasonMeal(friedBacon, cookedScrambledEggs) {
  // Transfer fried bacon onto the plate
  // Transfer cookedScrambledEggs onto the plate
  // Season what's on the plate
  // return the meal

Tooling will make – or break – a project

Good tooling will provide a delightful developer experience that motivates further work. Bad tooling will promote demotivation, leading to the death of the project.

It should be easy to clone a project and get it up-and-running.

A developer should be able to change a piece of the project and have the tooling respond almost instantaneously with the results of their change.

Fight tooth-and-nail for every microsecond you can save on build execution time. If a dependency introduces tooling head-aches and longer waiting periods, alarm bells should be ringing.

Code is a blueprint. No user ever cared about the blueprint. They cared about what was created from the blueprint

Delightful code does not lead to a delighted customer. What the customer experiences with the running software is all that really matters.

However, if a developer is not delighted when they work on the blueprint, it will be a challenge for them to delight their customer.

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chooie commented Jan 22, 2020

Good spot. One of the lines was missing. Thanks for the heads up.

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