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rethink log
$ rethinkdb
Recursively removing directory /Users/username/projects/myapp/myapp-web/rethinkdb_data/tmp
Initializing directory /Users/username/projects/myapp/myapp-web/rethinkdb_data
Running rethinkdb 2.0.2 (CLANG 6.1.0 (clang-602.0.53))...
Running on Darwin 14.3.0 x86_64
Loading data from directory /Users/username/projects/myapp/myapp-web/rethinkdb_data
Listening for intracluster connections on port 29015
Listening for client driver connections on port 28015
Listening for administrative HTTP connections on port 8080
Listening on addresses:, ::1
To fully expose RethinkDB on the network, bind to all addresses by running rethinkdb with the `--bind all` command line option.
Server ready, "mbp_local_raa" 71a49f88-b542-4f65-ab63-c7df72894e78
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